Lucan Presbyterian Church
Lucan Presbyterian Church is not only a church or community, but a family in which love and support is provided to any member in need, no matter the circumstance. As a church, their aim is not to be linear. They are a church that emphasise the importance of opinion and do not cater for any specific demographic, nor do they discriminate against other beliefs. People are drawn in by the community. The family ethos and the friendship appeals to a lot of people, and they generally begin to value the religious aspect on their own terms, overtime. LPC is a non-hierarchical, democratised church, something  that is not uncommon in presbyterianism. In many Presbyterian churches, elders are chosen from among the congregation or elected. Ruling elders are so named not because they lord it over  the congregation, but because they are chosen by the congregation to discern. This is expressed in the particular case of LPC through the architecture of the church and the clothes the minister, or teaching elder, wears. There is no altar in the church, so that no impression of a physical hierarchy can be interpreted, nor does the minister wear robes, in order for him to become more approachable and not to be seen as intimidating.